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2023 Awardee

Published on 08.09.2023

The 1st Montreal International Film Festival winners’ list

Category - Feature Films

Best Picture - A Letter from Helga

Best Screenplay - The Pink Lagoon

Best Cinematography - A Letter from Helga

Best Director - Ailleurs si j'y suis/Let's get lost:  François Pirot

Best Cast - We Are Zombie

Best Actor - Seventh HeavenKrešimir Mikić  as Ninoslav Radman

Best Actress - Ailleurs si j'y suis/Let's get lost:  Suzanne Clément  as Catherine 

Best Editor - A Letter from Helga

Best Soundtrack - A Letter from Helga

Best Costumes - Holy Family 

Best Makeup - We Are Zombie

Category - Short Films

Best Picture - Another Day

Best Screenplay - Drawback

Best Cinematography - IYOV

Best Director - Weeds Are Flowers, TooKay Shioma Metchie

Best Cast - The Apartment

Best Actor - Sucker:  Rob Chen as Andy

Best Actress - Tiny Joy: Elizabeth Ho

Best Editor - The Old Young Crow

Best Soundtrack - Beat it

Best Costumes - Beata Beatrix

Category - Documentaries

Best Documentary - When Hope Breaks Through

Best Cinematography - What the night whispers to the day

Best Director - Beneath the Surface (of Ice):  Zhang Xiquan

Best Storytelling - Burden Of Memory

Best Editor - Baltic Truth

Best Soundtrack - When Hope Breaks Through

Category - Animation

Best Picture - Heavis Tendres (Tender Metalheads)

Best Screenplay - Starcatcher

Best Director - Little Hurts: Debra Solomon

Best Voice Over - Little Hurts: Debra Solomon

Best Soundtrack - Little Hurts: Alan Zahn

Best Character Design - Abîme

Best Animation - Little Hurts: Debra Solomon

Best World Building - Sprinkles

Category - TV Series: Not Valid for the 2023 Edition.

(Not enough applicants for consideration).

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