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 What are the benefits of becoming a partner with the Montreal International Film Festival?

  • Increase return on investment: Our sponsorships options provide businesses with excellent exposure, resulting in a great (ROI).  Give your company the level of exposure you're hoping for. We are your support system when it comes to the goals you're hoping to achieve.

  • Build relationships: Sponsoring an event helps your company make connections with an attentive audience and non-competing businesses, giving you opportunities for collaboration in the future. 

  • Gain valuable insights: You can learn a lot from sponsoring an event, including the: market trends, new business idea, unique selling proposition (USP) , strategies  to attract new customers and more.

  • Expand your content strategy: Sponsorships can provide a great source of new material for your company's content strategy. Expand your social media connections and find new target audiences.

  • Foster a positive reputation: Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of event sponsorship is that it can strengthen your company's image. People typically enjoy supporting brands that invest in their community and spread positive messages.

  • Generate leads: Brand loyalty is largely dependent on emotional connections. By sponsoring events, you can gain exposure to prospective customers and highlight the human side of your company to generate new leads.

  • Reach sales goals: Aside from gathering leads, you can generate immediate sales as a sponsor, when you become our partner our goal also becomes to help you reach your sales goals. 

  • Benefit from association: Being a partner with our organizations showcases you're a  reputable and reliable company. Gain a positive reputation through branded event marketing and a higher likelihood of your target audience purchasing services or products associated with your brand when sponsoring a high-profile event like the Montreal International Film Festival.

  • Boost brand visibility: Sponsorships can increase brand recognition before, during and after the actual event by giving your company exposure to new audiences. From mentions in the press or social media and event advertising, like radio spots, signs and featured ads, gain lasting visibility.

  • Engage niche markets: By choosing an event that attract your target audience, you can ensure that you're connecting with high-quality leads that are interested in your solutions or products.

  •  Showcase your service or product: The Montreal International Film Festival provides a great setting to showcase your product or solution virtually and in person. You can even increase your traffic by promoting launches and other incentives, like giveaways, on social media or live before the event.

  • Gain a competitive advantage: When you sponsor the event, you automatically gain an advantage over your absent direct competitors.

  • Interact with prospects: Interactions provided by the festival with your target audience can help you develop a connection between your company and your customers, engage with your prospects.

  • Establish authority: As a sponsor, you can position your brand as a credible authority in your niche industry.


The Montreal International Film Festival provides the below solutions:

Opportunities: The festival provides the youth with traineeships, scholarships, jobs opportunities and funding for their projects.

Community: The establishment is a key source of connections within the industry and with partners while creating a strong community with its audience.

Information: Film festivals provide a lot of information and visibility to discover new talents, cultures, world issues and more. Many topics are conveyed through films.

Entertainment: Entertainment provides happiness and comfort to its audience, it is essential in today's day and age. Creativity makes the world a better place.

Economy: As an international film festival a lot of participants travel from around the world to take part in the events, bringing tourism and economy to the host country and city.


Our vision for the upcoming years to create lasting relationships with our partners to benefit both parties.


Our goal is to become a key leader worldwide in opening doors for young creators within the entertainment industry, join the mission and become a partner.

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