Discover The Upcoming French Canadian Film ' Espoir Fait Vivre' Written And Directed By Joe Rohayem

The upcoming french canadian film ' Espoir Fait Vivre' written and directed by Joe Rohayem, who is also the lead role of Marc in the project has currently wrapped filming and is set to be released shortly and will be premiering at the Montreal International Film Festival. The film is a beautiful story about equality where we follow four main characters in their unique journey in today's society. If you are one to have loved a film like ' Love Actually' , you are sure to enjoy 'Espoir Fait Vivre'.

Joe Rohayem: 'I always wanted to work in the film industry. Growing up, I was inspired by a lot by film makers, directors and actors and I wanted to do the same which is to inspire people and give them hope. No words can describe the love that I have for filming and creating. It is an amazing way to express myself and send a message to the world and no matter what the theme is, it will inspire lot of people and can bring some changes in the world because the world needs to be changed.

The movie that I am working on means a lot for me for many different reasons. I have lived in two different countries in my life. I grew up in Lebanon, but I moved to Montréal, Canada, when I was thirteen years old. Canadian society was very welcoming but unfortunately, I received misplaced comments regarding my origins, my beliefs, and my values. It is extremely unpleasant to be judged on our differences, values, skin colour, sex orientation and the list goes on. This movie is not about me and definitely not what I've been through, but it's about judging people every single day. I've judged people during my lifetime and I'm certainly not proud of it, but I believe it is something we all do and as long as we judge people instead of accepting them, we will never obtain peace between us.'

The film will premiere at the Montreal International Film Festival and will be distributed on the HELM Streaming Platform and more. Stay tuned, the official trailer is coming soon !

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