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The Montreal International Film Festival is a non-profit organization creating solutions to support young creators within the entertainment industry, creating opportunities for our youth to access traineeships, scholarships, jobs and funding for their projects. The week long celebration includes unique activities daily presented by some of the most acclaimed filmmakers worldwide. Let's come together for the creative legacy of tomorrow.

The festival's program includes event panels, screenings, Q&A's and more activities hosted by industry leaders and ambassadors of the association. 

The next edition of the event is  on September 9th 2023.

The lineup of the festival will be released in the Spring of 2023.


For any more questions regarding the festival don't hesitate to reach out or sign up for our newsletter.



The Event

Join The Event on September 9th 2023

Day 1: Creative Development: Meet and learn from some of the best writers, storyboard artists and more production development specialists.

Day 2: Short Films: Understand the art of short films and telling a story efficiently in this unique format from experts.

Day 3: Documentaries: Get to know how to demonstrate a unique true story through film with documentaries and how to make an impact.

Day 4: Animation: Learn from the best professionals within the animation field and break down incredible animated scenes.

Day 5: TV Series: Learn the creation of a compelling tv series your audience can connect to and participate in unique conversations with worlDwide talents.

Day 6: Feature Films: Features can captivate audiences for years to come. Connect with filmmakers and actors to learn about the process and the industry.

Day 7: Awards Gala: The Montreal International Film Festival Annual Awards Gala is an event gathering some of the best filmmakers of various industries worldwide.

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