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Help us support the next generations of creatives.

With your donations the Montreal International Film Festival can empower the creative legacy of today and tomorrow. Through education, mentorship, job opportunities, special programs and more. We come together for the future of the art of entertainment.


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Supporting the Montreal International Film Festival (MIFF) is an investment in the future of cinema and cultural diversity. Your donation empowers emerging filmmakers, celebrates diverse voices, and promotes independent cinema. By supporting MIFF, you're enriching our cultural landscape, fostering community engagement, and providing educational opportunities for aspiring filmmakers. Join us in celebrating the power of film to inspire, educate, and unite communities around the world.

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Make a difference.

Donating to the Montreal International Film Festival is not just about supporting a single event but about investing in the non-profit's activities; in the arts, our culture, the creativity that enriches our lives and contribute to a more diverse and vibrant world.

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