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The Montreal International Film Festival is and international competition. Listed as a gold film festival by filmfreeway, worldwide applications are welcome.


Apply On Filmfreeway

The Film Competition:
Opening Date: September 25th, 2023
Deadline: July 25, 2024
Notification Date: July 31, 2024
Events: August 24-25th, 2024

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Official Regulations

Official Regulations

The Montreal International Film Festival accepts projects from anywhere in the world, it is an international competition.

1) Eligibility Requirements:

All entries must at least have subtitled in English or French. Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry to the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry.

All entries must fit professional standards guideline.

For any specific questions regarding your project’s eligibility, please email :


2) Submission Guidelines

∙ Projects must be submitted via an online screener like Vimeo or other secure online platform. (It is recommended that films submitted via online screener be available to download). We recommend including a cover letter for yourself and your project.

∙ Only complete entries (including fee payment ) will be considered.

∙ You can enter the festival by applying through FilmFreeway 


The committee will only consider final versions submitted.

∙ Students can apply only for the Short Film Selection

3) Deadlines
For the 2023 Festival the deadline is : July 18th 2023

4) Entry Fees: $70.00 (CAD)

Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entry fee is not refundable. Fees cover registration, registration notification, full consideration by the programming department, and notification of the results. Must be paid online.

Previous Winners

2023 Awardee

Published on 08.09.2023

The 1st Montreal International Film Festival winners’ list

Category - Feature Films

Best Picture - A Letter from Helga

Best Screenplay - The Pink Lagoon

Best Cinematography - A Letter from Helga

Best Director - Ailleurs si j'y suis/Let's get lost:  François Pirot

Best Cast - We Are Zombie

Best Actor - Seventh HeavenKrešimir Mikić  as Ninoslav Radman

Best Actress - Ailleurs si j'y suis/Let's get lost:  Suzanne Clément  as Catherine 

Best Editor - A Letter from Helga

Best Soundtrack - A Letter from Helga

Best Costumes - Holy Family 

Best Makeup - We Are Zombie

Category - Short Films

Best Picture - Another Day

Best Screenplay - Drawback

Best Cinematography - IYOV

Best Director - Weeds Are Flowers, Too:  Kay Shioma Metchie

Best Cast - The Apartment

Best Actor - Sucker:  Rob Chen as Andy

Best Actress - Tiny Joy: Elizabeth Ho

Best Editor - The Old Young Crow

Best Soundtrack - Beat it

Best Costumes - Beata Beatrix

Category - Documentaries

Best Documentary - When Hope Breaks Through

Best Cinematography - What the night whispers to the day

Best Director - Beneath the Surface (of Ice):  Zhang Xiquan

Best Storytelling - Burden Of Memory

Best Editor - Baltic Truth

Best Soundtrack - When Hope Breaks Through

Category - Animation

Best Picture - Heavis Tendres (Tender Metalheads)

Best Screenplay - Starcatcher

Best Director - Little Hurts: Debra Solomon

Best Voice Over - Little Hurts: Debra Solomon

Best Soundtrack - Little Hurts: Alan Zahn

Best Character Design - Abîme

Best Animation - Little Hurts: Debra Solomon

Best World Building - Sprinkles

Category - TV Series: Not Valid for the 2023 Edition.

(Not enough applicants for consideration).

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